Dog Breeds 101

by Sleddoggin Staff March 18, 2012

by adactio Article by Patricia Johnson For thousands of years now, dogs have been selectively bred to produce varieties with characteristics superior to their predecessors. At first, the breeding focused on the dog’s use, for example its hunting ability. This resulted in a vast diversity of dog breeds. But it did not stop there, later [...]


Dog Breeds and Nutritional Requirements

by Sleddoggin Staff March 16, 2012

by Cria-cow Article by Jeff Nenadic There has not been much research done in the field of nutritional requirements for the various breeds of dogs in today


What Type of Dog Would Suit you Best: A Look at Dog Breeds

by Sleddoggin Staff March 14, 2012

by Kwong Yee Cheng Article by Valerie Goettsch As you begin your search for a dog, you are probably asking yourself, “What type of dog would be best for me?” Dogs come in many different sizes, colors, coats, and personalities. Start your dog ownership off on the right foot by doing your research before you [...]