dog sledding

How to Train a Sled Dog

by Sleddoggin Staff February 29, 2012

Having a sled dog can be a great help if you are living in a snowy environment. Though, you may have one, what is running to your head is how a simple dog could be train to carry a sled, and it’s passenger. This article will help you understand how. When traveling in a snowy [...]


Calling All Mushers & Dog Sporting Enthusiasts!

by Sleddoggin Staff January 2, 2012

It’s time for change. A new year is upon us. And for that I am rather excited. For quite some time Sleddoggin has been dormant. Just waiting for the proper time to spring alive with fun and excitement. I believe that time has arrived. In the time I’ve been away my businesses have grown, along [...]


It’s just about that time…

by Sleddoggin Staff August 22, 2011

The dogs are almost loose. It’s just about time for some dog sledding. Pulling out the ganglines (if you haven’t already done so), prepping the trails & hyping yourself up for races and other potential excitement. What are you doing today, tomorrow & this week; to get going on your 2011-2012 dog sledding season?


Dog Sledding: Adventure In Motion

by Sleddoggin Staff June 13, 2011

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience regarding the sport of Dog sledding. Central Idea: Dog sledding has played an important part of history, and is now used as a sport. INTRODUCTION Imagine for a moment the following scene. Pure darkness. The only hint of light radiating from the moon, dancing on a snowy landscape. Six [...]


Introduction to Dog Sledding

by Sleddoggin Staff April 27, 2011

Dog sledding. What come to your mind when you hear this word? Maybe dogs, the Iditarod, or maybe even cold. In this article I will explain the history of the sled dog, the dogs of dog sledding, and the equipment used when mushing a team. First of all, we have the history of the sled [...]