How much of the Iditarod race do the mushers spend running, rather than riding on the sled?

by Sleddoggin Staff April 18, 2012

Question by Katey C: How much of the Iditarod race do the mushers spend running, rather than riding on the sled? Obviously the mushers cannot spend the entire race riding that sled, as the dogs would get worn out more quickley. On average how long do the mushers spend running during the Iditarod race? Best [...]


Sled Dog Discovery & Musher’s

by Sleddoggin Staff April 14, 2012

Real Iditarod/Yukon Quest mushers have a dog camp on Douglas Island, in Alaska. To train the dogs, they have them pull tourists around on sleds in the summer, while giving said tourists a chance to learn about mushing, gets hands on with the equipment, meet the mush dogs, and yes, cuddle the puppies. Video Rating: [...]


How many mushers have died in the Iditarod?

by Sleddoggin Staff April 2, 2012

by yksin Question by countryrules101: How many mushers have died in the Iditarod? I’ve looked everywhere, google, ask, and now i’m turning to here. Can someone find out how many MUSHERS, not dogs, have died in the Iditarod since the beginning? I would like a source, whether it’s a website or a book name that [...]


Meet The Mushers: The Iditarod Dog Sled Race

by Sleddoggin Staff March 3, 2012

The Iditarod is the most incredible sporting event I have ever witnessed. The 1049 mile race is run to keep the tradition of dog sledding alive and to honor its central role life in Alaskan life in years past. It’s more than sport; it’s history, tradition, and an incredible voyage across a vast empty wilderness [...]


Mushers train Siberian Huskies on the sands of the New Jersey Pinelands

by Sleddoggin Staff March 2, 2012

Hardly any snow has fallen in the region this season, making life difficult for skiers and sledders. It’s no picnic for dogs, either. South Jersey sled dogs depend on freezing weather to do what they do best. Watch as WHYY and goes into the forest for a ride with the dogs. (Video produced by [...]


YQ 2012 – A Beer with the Mushers

by Sleddoggin Staff February 28, 2012

Only 2 days to go before these mushers set off on The Yukon Quest 2012. 1000 miles of International Sled Dog Racing from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Canada. We grab a quick chat with them about the race ahead. Video Rating: 5 / 5