Dog Harness Types

by Sleddoggin Staff April 2, 2012

by Drew Avery With there being so many different uses for dog harnesses it is important to make sure you find the type that is appropriate for the activity you have chosen. This article will give you a small glimpse at the choices available. When you find one that interests you, be sure to follow-up [...]


Types of Dog Training

by Sleddoggin Staff March 26, 2012

Article by Peter Wendt Many pet owners believe it is important to put their dogs through some sort of dog training. The different types of dog training include behavior, obedience, and activity training. A brief description of each of these types is included below. <h2>Behavior Training</h2> The most common and sought after instruction is probably [...]


The Three Different Types of Poodles

by Sleddoggin Staff March 6, 2012

by yksin Poodles are divided into three different varieties, the standard, miniature, and toy. The American Kennel Club, a leading authority on dog breeds, delineates the varieties by size. Standard poodles must be over 15 inches at the highest points of their shoulders. Miniature poodles are defined as 15 inches or less at the highest [...]